LED Grow Lighting

Question am I the only one growing with a 300W LED? And if I’m not how much could I yield from one? I just topped my (8) week old baby thanks very much to @M4ur for the wonderful help with it lol tho it’s still to early to tell the sex(bag seed) I guess still good to do while it’s young. But yeah just wondering how much bud I might get with 300W LED and topping it? And and all comments welcome

It looks pretty healthy, but you have a 50 -50 chance of a male. Why not start 4 or 5 more to be safe. My first grow was 6 plants and only 2 were fem.

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I plan to start more I’m waiting on my ILGM order @Myfriendis410

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I have a meizhi 450w for a grow box 2x2x5 for 1 big plant or 2 little ones. Now depending what space you have… A 300w will be okay for 1 plant I think

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@M4ur I will have a 24×24×48" here in a couple weeks just waiting on the order to show up. But as of right now it’s in the open lol with 2 fans but when I get my tent I would like to do 2 at once.

I have marshydro 300w also,I started with 1,put 2nd in after 5-6 weeks,and going to put the other in when I switch to flower
In a 3x3x6