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Recently purchased an SK402 grow light. Should be here Monday. In forums opinion was this a good purchase?

Looks pretty good but waaaaay over priced. For that much you could have gotten yourself a couple hlg quantum board lights. @dbrn32 can tell you more

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I was looking at some of those and with the do it yourself models that most suggested there was only a one year warranty. The warranty was a pretty big factor in my decision.

Only problem I see is that the driver will be in the tent as well and that is where your heat is going to come from. I run cmh and took mine apart so ballast would be outside. Here’s my hood

And my ballast outside of tent


Nice. I’m really new to growing and still learning. I’m hoping with the monster heat sink on the SK402 that will help with the heat dissipation. I also have a pretty decent extraction fan to help

I have heard those lights are killer and used in professional grows my buddy who is a small medical producer runs CMH/HPS but he’s been saving up to switch to those) or at least they look the same and are made by the same company)

As long as you have a good fan for your tent size and are exhausting your hot stale air it should be fine but you it’s definitely gonna pump some heat out.

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Eventually I’m gonna be using it in a 6 by 8 by 8 walk in closet with a motorized rail to move it back and forth. I appreciate your positive feedback. Been trying to justify my purchase over and over again since I bought it. Really really hoping it’s worth the investment

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I also got it with the optional dimmer so will have to learn when and how to use that also lol

@HornHead it looks like your plants are doing really well under that set up. When I get a full grow from my new purchase I will post pics with the results

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Using the dimmer is just a knob you turn ussualy.
If your wondering how much light to give and when then learn about DFI and download a LUX app on your phone

Ty I will do that

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Read a bit then let’s talk it out.
Basically your going to measure the lux of your light where your plant is and then convert it to PPFD with a formula (online calculator will do the math for you). Then with your PPFD and your light scedule you can find out the DFI.
Here is a chart that will come in hand, remember lights off saves $

This just helps you determine what % of light maximum your plant is getting. For argument sake it doesn’t really matter, you have a good quality light you turn it on for the sceduled 18/6 if it’s photo and if it’s auto 20/4…the results are the results and until you want to invest more money it doesn’t really matter but learning is fun.

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Ty. You definitely seem to know what you’re talking about. 2 questions before I research this further. Is that chart just for clones because I’m growing from seed right now. And does it change for veg if you do 24 hr light cycle

How big of an area are you trying to put that in for right now?

Well when it gets here I’m gonna finish off this round in a 3 by 3 by 6. They just went into flower about 2 weeks ago. It’s a Sativa dominant strain so it got at least 7-8 weeks left. But then it’s going in a 6 by 8 by 8 closet I’m converting with a light rail to use

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That’s also interesting to know about the auto. I could never get a straight answer on the light cycle. I just finished a ww xxl and the yield was very poor. Not even an oz from it. Went with 24 then in the last 2 weeks 12-12.

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I’ve ran all my autos like this and have gotten over 10oz off each one. Got over an lb off a white widow auto about 2 years ago

1: First couple weeks under a 55 true watt CFL 24 hour on

2: Then under 1 roleadro 300w cob for a week then I add a second light same brand and wattage at 16/8

3: Once flower begins, I put my 315w cmh 3100k at 12/12

You can run 24/0 or 20/4 or whatever, but I found the way I do it the best for me. I grow in coco though and plant grows much faster in coco than soil

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It shows for clones but you can do it from seed, just like anything you have to determine when it’s no longer a seedling and now into veg. It’s all debatable to be honest and would depend if they are autos or photos again.
DFI is showing you when your hitting diminishing returns. Read into it a bit more and you will understand. With your light 18hr will be more than 24hr with a cheap amazon 300w led but again plants at certain stages only need so much light.

Stick with 18/6 or 20/4, many issues arise from 24/0. Auto genetics are still very young and research is sparce but people are realizing that before thoughts of not needing any light may be true but definitely not ideal. Although with those auto genetics they don’t need the same length of darkness as a photo, so your starving them at 12/12.
I’ve seen a poll on autoflower network and majority do 20/4 then next in line is 18/6. 18/6 will give you more than enough dark but really its meant to just save some $ on energy and possibly make the grow more economical.
Although I have yet to see someone break down the two light scedules down and determine at what price of electricity it makes/doesn’t make sence.

Nothing against @HornHead and the way you do things in coco with your CMH man, you definitely grow some nice plants.
Soil and LED’s is a tad different though.

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I just read this on growweedeasy.com. check it out

The nebula hps/led comparison

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Great answers from both of you. Ty. I did read somewhere that an auto should be grown in 70/30 coco and perlite mix. I think it was from the creator of ww xxl. Had already planted it in 3 gallon of happy frog and a cup of perlite. Will definitely take both of your answers into consideration next time I do autos. Was definitely deterred with my outcome and figured autos weren’t worth the effort. I can see from your results they are for sure worth another try. After Monday when my SK402 arrives I will have that along with 2 1500 yehense leds and a vander 600 led. Thanks to the advice I received here I should have a much better outcome. You guys are awesome. Ty

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