LED for seedlings

I’ll be starting seeds tomorrow and will be growing in a 36”x36”x60” Vivosun grow tent using a single VS1000 LED grow light. I’m wondering what light intensity and schedule to use for the tender young seedlings. The VS1000 can be dimmed 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% and it’s hung so I can adjust the vertical height above the plants. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

For seedlings and clones I use a cheapo led from the box store. Not much power but seedlings don’t need as much. I hang them as close to the plant as I can.

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I am sorry to say your light is a hundred watts not big enough for your tent I grow in a 30x30” closet it’s. An odd size but if you want you could grow 1 plant pretty well I would suggest adding one more light to maximize your tent for. 2 plants as far as dimming goes I never dim but it starts about 5’ away for seedlings then lower as needed to reach the 18” mark after a. Couple weeks :v:

I was afraid of that. Been reading about lighting intensity and pretty much came to that conclusion. Thinking about upgrading to an HLG 260w xl which may be too much but I’d rather have too much than too little. Lots of learning to do!


For starting beans a simple 2’ CFL with 2 T5’s r T8’s works wonders, set the light as close as needed without heat worries. For veg ur on track with the 260W QB V2 Bspec from HLG is on sale now for $297, it’s a diy project that can easily assembled n less than 1/2 hr. Also I used the code word “DUDE” n got an additional 10% off. B aware the Bspec is for veg growing, if ur looking to use for flower get the Rspec.

I used to use the light @oldmarine posted but got tired of swapping out lights. I just sprout and veg them under a HLG 135w bspec. Full power, typically 48” from the plants.