LED for Runtz Auto question

I have a King LED with both Vegetative & Bloom lights. I plan to run 20/4, indoor grow room. Should I turn on both lamps for the duration of the grow? 1st time with Autoflower. Thank you.


I would. Autos are temperamental sometimes and it is best to have the full spectrum available from sprout. The transition to flower can occur very early in some cases.


Don’t be a stranger, share some photos of your runtz now and then. My second grow, 1st runtz auto, 1st week of flowering.

Welcome back.

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My only advice would be running 18/6 opposed to 20/4 and save on your wallet

What @Bluntsmoke said, 18/6 and keep your lights at full spectrum. Just adjust you light itself.

Here’s my runtz under those conditions. Used a mars hydro ts1000