Led for indoor, blue and red?

A question from a fellow grower:

Can I use LED grow lights for indoor growth? Blue and red LED grow lights?

Blue for vegation and Red for flower

Visible “white” light, the part of the light we can see and is part of the spectrum plants need most, is roughly made of equal parts red, green and blue light. The reason plants are green, is they almost don’t use green light at all and the green part can be reflected away from them and into our eyes, while nearly all the red and blue light is absorbed.

And so plants need both blue and red light during all phases of growth, vegetative cycle or flowering cycle, both need plenty of red and blue light. In general, “bluer” lights are used for veg and “redder” lights are used for flower, but a plant always needs both red and blue to stay healthy. Plants can always use more red than blue, regardless of “season” or growth schedule. However, at least 20% of the light needs to be coming from the blue light at all times to keep a plant happy and healthy.

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I sure hope they work good i have a couple coming in the mail
Let us know how it works for ya