LED efficiency question


Hi all, I hope everyone is feeling fantastic!

Setup: 2 x 300w (actual wattage combining the both = 300 wats)

Would this set-up be efficient enough to grow 5-6 healthy, happy yielding plants?



For 50 watts/square foot, giving each plant 2x2’, 6 plants would be 24 square feet, 24x50 watts, you’d want around 1200 watts, optimally.


Of course, not every grow is “optimal,” and still produces decent yields.


I’d say four of those units would be about perfect. Sorry for the multiple posts.


Thanks for your prompt response @elheffe702
An optimal grow is what I’m aiming for - but on a budget haha. Another 2 of these are do-able though.


300 watts each, yeah?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face: @elheffe702


How big is your grow space?



I see you have this covered…Thank you good advice thumb


I’m following, exactly what I was wondering.


I have about a 4x4 grow area. I found a deal on another 2 LED’s so should have plenty of light for my autos. Thanks for the advise @elheffe702