Led driver mounted outside of tent

I want to mount my drivers for my LED lights on the outside of my tent I would like to see some of your Ingenuity designs and/or information on how to do it. I’m running 2 spider farmer lights.

Hah. Sorry. Didn’t notice that thread was more bickering than axtual info. But yeah. You can smack that driver just about anywhere. (I wouldn’t keep them next to other electronics though, interference) Personally if for some reason I wanted my driver out of my tent, I’d put a wire shelf on the wall outside tent and just zip tie it there. Altho I’d never do that. On hot days when the ac runs a lot its that driver keeping the flower tent in its target temp ranges I want. Which is 80s when the lights on for my chocolope to be happy. Don’t know why the person in that thread thought attaching to wall would cause a fire though. They musta missed the two screwed to a 1x4 in their own thread. Which is an easily movable option.

Yeah you basically just extending the cablea and screwing it somewhere besides the led board