LED distance vs Lux?

Hello everyone ,

Im new to LED setup and growing in general and I have a question that Im confused about.

Manufacture advice on LED installation is to keep 24” inch between plant and LED. However, after doing so I tested the luminous and its only around 10K Lux. Now I read somewhere a minimum of 15K lux is required for healthy veg.

Should I bring the light closer to the plant and risk a light burn?

Should I keep it as is to stretch or not having enough luminous for healthy growth?

I keep my top at about 10 000 lux and no veg issues at all, led and cfls.

Thanks @Liljoe ,

I’m in the process of researching this and apperanelty I should forget about Lux when using LED since it only target specific spectrum and I should focus on total power drawn.

Appreciate your help :v:

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No problem. You will always find an answer here :grin:
Happy growing.

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Please tell me that this isn’t bikini I frit… that’s too crazy if it is… :grin:


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I think 10000 lux is very low. Full sun is about 120000 lux! Most authorities say cannabis can’t use any more than 85000 lux without adding CO2. One problem with having the lights close is say you get 40000 lux at 10 inches. Then at 20 inches it will be 10000 lux, because of the inverse square law. So better to have more/stronger lights at more distance for more even lux.

@1BigFella 10000 is low but it it how i determine my light height, 10000 is my minimum. Any less and i drop lights. It is a cheap lux analog meter but gives me an idea of where im at. Also i am almst all cfl and about 125watts of led

My ladys are happy :grin: and no sun burn

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They grow fine there, but when you get to flowering your buds will all be fluffy.

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@dbrn32 here is some from my last run, i one they can always be better but i had a really decent turn out

However, i have noticed on this round with my added diy led fixture, the growth under it does much better. I am 2 weeks into flower yesterday.
Also i am not shy about the cfls lol i use a good number of them, and also added on to my led fixture with some lower K’s for flower power.
Those i will have for round 3, along with a few new strains :grin: i cant wait.

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They look nice. You should definitely try to get higher than 10,000 lux when flowering though.

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I have a 400watt hps i picked up the other from a friend of mine. He gave it to me for free, i just need to go to town and get a new bulb and plan on added that to my room for rest of flowering

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That will help

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Its not :grin:

@dbrn32 , thanks for the info

Does the lighting during veg impacts the finale yeild and quality !? Because Im currently searching for a better LED for flowering now and future grows , please let me know what do you think?


Thank you

Lighting in veg will determine how large your plant is, and a bigger plant will yield more.

When I use proII1600 led grow light, I keep it 18’’–24’’ away from plants during veg stage. For bloom, I keep it 12’’ away from plants

Thank you. Im waiting for a better lighing to put her under and I hope she will like it :smile:

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Thanks , I also kep it at 24” based on the seller recommendation. :smile: