LED burning my plant?


A question from a fellow grower:

Hello all, i am currently growing a few ladies using a KIND LED k300 series light…i have attached a picture of what i believe to be very mild light bleaching, but being that im no expert, i would greatly appreciate some feed back. FYI, Light is currently 20 inches above canopy…Also, a few leaves have an abnormal shape to them as well, could you please take a look? Thank you to all!!


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When using LEDs make sure you have them at the appropriate height or they will for sure bleach/burn your plants. The leaves are looking quite dry.


light blending your led needs to be far enough away that a piece of paper held in front of light at canopy level is fully blended (no spots) but may or may not be bleaching bleaching tends to be more pronounced white leaves at same height high spots mostly.