LED brand review

Mars 300 on a scale to 1 to 10… How good is it on a grow space 60x60cm? I don’t have more money to spend on light.


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I think you can get more Par watt output power and intensity with a Viparspectra 900 or 600/watt or 450 or 600 watt reflector series Meizhi Led with veg and bloom switch for much less cost but more coverage and light intensity verses the Mars hydro 300 . Now the Mars hydro 96 reflector or 144 or 160 Epistar or the New model Pro Cree II would be a better option for as Mars but you would loose par wattage in intensity with the 300 in coverage. But vipar or Meizhi has bigger watt panels for less and they work great judging the results I’ve seen with both lights.


Thanks! But all I have to spend is 70-100$max…whit all taxes(shipping, customs). Meizhi and Viparspectra are to expensive and shipping to my country is another 50$ from eBay. @yoshi… So… What note you give to Mars 300? :wink:

Than the meizhi 450 is like $125 bucks on Amazon?

What about advance led?


I have a Mars Hydro 300 in my grow box for the current grow. Small footprint 8 1/2 x 12 inch. My grow space is 18" x 16" and it worked very well. My second grow with it and am happy.

I would give it a 9+. I have had no complaints with it at all. You have a 2X2 grow space and I believe this will do well. Below is a link to my grow and you can see how it did.

I also have the Mars hydro reflector 144 I use in a 2x4x5 tent and it does a pretty good job. I stretched my budget when I got my Mars but am very happy with it. Produces some good hard nugs !

Hope that helps. Jerry

PS: @Niala is our light guru. Maybe he can shed a little light on the subject. LOL He knows light well.


I’m using a Meizhi 600w in this space…I dont think I would want to flower with anything less.

I also have a Viparspectra 300w in my veg tent which has done a great job…maybe if you get a 300w light to start with for veg… and then add another 300w later when you have more money for flower??

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@M4ur, Mars Hydro 300, coverage: 2×2ft(Veg); 1.5×1.5ft(Bloom), High efficiency 5W Epistar LEDs chips, Lumen: 110v: 4,377lumen .

For a 2’×2’ (60 cm×60 cm), you’ll be happy with it, M4ur, like @TxGrowman said. I give a note of 8 to it, just because that if you can find this one :

For about the same price, you can have a double chips (2×5 watts epistar) that will give you more PAR and lumens for a better light penetration and photosynthesis and a little more foot print (veg 2.5×2.5, flowering 2.0×2.0), for those reason, this one is a 9.

Hoping that’s enlighten you and helping you a little M4ur…

~Al :v: :innocent:

Thanks a lot @Niala and @TxGrowman


You’re welcome @M4ur

Advance is much more expensive than vipar, meizhi are Mars!

Thanks @Niala. As usual a great explanation.

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Your surely welcome. Hope I helped you.

I’m weighing in a little late, but I have two Viparspectra 600W in a 4x4x8 tent and I just ordered a 450W for my veg tent. All are the reflector series. I have to agree, their fans are loud, but I can feel them blowing air from the sides and it isn’t hot so they are keeping it cool. My ladies react to these lights like they are Halides or HPS. The leaves get that thick glossy look and they don’t stretch for light at all. I moved some seedlings from my veg tent to main tent recently because I’m doing autos in it and they are on 18 hrs of light and the seedlings took a turn for the better almost immediately. That is when I made the decision to buy the third light. I mean the price is good. The warrantee is 3 years. I’ve had many different LED lights in other hobbies and these are well put together from what I can tell. So far I am happy, but heaven forbid something goes wrong, I will let you know.


I’m almost positive you will really love your light purchase especially for what it cost and what it can produce , you will be very happy .

I’m thinking of buying a 600w ViparSpectra to add to my flower tent. I already have 2-300w MarsHydro LEDs that I’ll be using.

I was planning on using my 600w HPS for flower, but I don’t like battling the heat that comes with the light fixture. Decisions, decisions.

I also plan on using my T5 fixture as additional light in the flower tent. It’s a 5 tube 2’ fixture, with 3000k tubes.



I have a 1200 in each of 2 tents viparspectra and a 600.

I retired my king “1200s” for these. They have bloom in bed switch and the light is really clear almost normal in appearance.

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@BrockSamson, don’t have review yet for you but I bought the Viparspectra 900, still have seeds germinating so haven’t use it but there are more than a few folks here that have Vipar spectra a thumbs up, the really good LED w/ good warranties are very expensive, I went middle or lower some may say, since I have never done this before. I chose led because of the temperature reduction and wattage draw, less electric bill. The 900 watt unit I bought draws 418 watts but my tent is 4x4x 7, only gonna do 3 plants, if they will ever get some taproots!

Quick question for everybody (@yoshi @Iva and folks) out there I have on two different lights. A solid brand with low wattage vs. a generic brand with high wattage. Feel free to post your vote or answer for which 1 out of the 2 you would rather have…
(I don’t necessarily need an explanation behind your choices but if you would like to elaborate, feel free) Tnx!

MarsHydro 300w full spectrum led-


Anjeet 800w Full spectrum LED-

Why not run them both, more light more bigger buds if you control the heat.