LED Brand comparisons

Hey guys I’m about to invest in a pair of 2500w led’s to fit in a 4" square tent.
I am a little unsure of what units to buy, I have narrowed it down to a pair of 2500w adjustable rectangular units fitted with Osram led’s, and the other is a pair of 2000w units fitted with the latest Samsung led’s.
They both claim to be the best, but one of them can’t be obviously.
Any tips or preferences will be taken into consideration when choosing.


What brand are they?
Are they from Amazon?

I just had to research lights and bought two small lights for my room.

What kind of budget are you looking at?

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A big thing is to read up on the actual draw power that’s the wattage, it can say 40000000 watts. with 40 watt draw,


The best tip is that there is no such thing as a 2500 watt LED. They simply don’t exist and these “burples” (search on the term burple here on the site to learn more) are generally only 10 - 15% of the wattage that the manufacturer states. Their reviews on Amazon are also manipulated. I know because one of them offered me money to delete an honest review of the one I bought a few years ago.

These manufacturers flat out lie about their LED capabilities and Amazon should shut them down and delist the burple lights.

I would suggest an HLG light, and even some of the newer Spider Farmer models with Samsung LM301 series diodes are worth looking at.


Spider farmer is actually one of the ones I’m looking at.
I don’t want to really spend too much, as I’m having pretty decent results with my current setup consisting of a 600w HPS in conjunction with 4 cheaper led’s on the sides.
I’m just looking to reduce the heat and improve the efficiency on the other edges of the tent

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The HPS is a much better light than any burple you can buy.

If you go with LED then I would make sure that you are getting Samsung LM301B or H model diodes.


I’m just struggling with heat and it’s affecting the buds closest to the light.
They are starting to spread and turn to shit.
It’s even made me completely oppose the cycle to lights on at night and try to keep the natural heat from day to a minimal.
It makes maintenance difficult as I leave them for a week at a time with my work schedule.
I’ve returned to a dry reservoir more than a couple of times now.
It has caused them stress to often to stay with it

Understood. I’m not an HPS grower, but there are plenty of them here. Hopefully some of them will come along and offer some advice for heat management.

Be aware that the burple lights themselves put off a lot of heat as well (though not as much as HPS) because the diodes they use are so inefficient.

What kind of hood is your hps in like a wing or cooled hood? What kind of ventilation does it have

You are probably doing more harm than good with lights on the side. Too much light intensity is not good. Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

Bloom plus do the 2500w and spider farmers for the 2000w units.
They are not cheap Amazon units (I have already trialed them! And as everyone say…they are shit!)
These units I’m looking at have all the data from testing and power draw figures etc and it does support the specs claimed for each model.

As you probably guessed, I am using a batwing style reflector, but I have customised the ventilation system to be quite effective by drawing from close to it, and a separate fan blowing from the bottom up mixing the whole tent to a reasonably consistent temp.
It’s got a lot to do with the external environment where I am growing.
I have even gone to the extent of making up a type of intercooler for the intake air.
But the setup is just too close to the limit of what I’m asking of it and when we get a above average temperature, it’s exhausted

The bloom lights eat about 250w each and the spiders eat up about 200w each. But that says nothing about light output. As for “the best” neither are close to the best. What exactly is your space you’re trying to light? In the original post you say 4” square and that can’t be right obviously. Are you taking a 4’x4’?

Yeah 4’x4’ in this particular setup.

You’re looking at around $950 for a pair of both of those lights. You can rock that tent with 2- hlg 260xl rspecs for around $700.


Thanks for your suggestion, I will do a little research on those units, and talk with my local hydro shop owner.
He’s been quite competitive with any other price I’ve been quoted, he looks after me so I repay the favor with the results :crazy_face:

@666snake again, hope you don’t mind me sharing a little something here. You are here for a reason. I’ve been here for three years and if I’ve learned one thing, folks here know what they’re talking about. I just harvested one plant that yielded 14oz. In a 32” x 34” scrog. I couldn’t have done it without the help of folks here.

The last thing I want to do is discredit your research and all the knowledge you have about lights or the hydro shop and its knowledge.

But, I can testify to the need of good quality lights. I personally don’t know much about lights. I do know that @BobbyDigital is very smart about lights as well as many others. If you’re seeking a different alternative that might help produce higher quality and quantity. Tell us what your goal is and how you plan to achieve it. There might be something that can help along the way.

I read a lot of stuff here and there are folks here that’s been doing this for a really really long time. They can, and will help you achieve, above and beyond what you expect.

If you have a specific question about a light or a comparison of lights, @dbrn32 is one of the light experts who can be more detailed in the comparisons of a variety of quality lights, and/ or options to get to where you want to be with your grow.
We’re rootin for ya! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Cheers for that reply, I’m not going to take offended to much that is thrown at me.
Cos I’m here for the same reason that almost everyone else is to ask for advice from others who have been through the trials and tribulations of our shared hobby.
If advice is given free of charge and not driven by profit and physical rewards, it is often much more valuable than the contrary.
I have a mindset that demands that I understand to the finer details of new experiences.
Simply because it takes away so much guess work and disappointment.
You guys have been great and I’d like to thank you all


I’m with @BobbyDigital Two HLG 260 V2 R-Spec XL lights would be a great choice for your 4x4 space, From start to finish. The lights will produce solid buds. Two lights will also give you some flexibility if needed.
Good luck on your new venture.

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Just had a look at those lights :crazy_face:
To be honest I don’t want to spend that much!
This is more of a small hobby system.
I’m really just fu#$in around and having a bit of fun…at this stage I mean.
Maybe down the track I will be a bit more serious about it but first I want to see if I have the right patients and ability to create something to the best quality for the equipment used.

I spent 9 days a fortnight away from home working in another part of the country.
I’m pretty crafty with my hands and manage to succeed with troubleshooting anything mechanical or computer controlled if I have an understanding of it’s reason for being.

Maybe I should start to consider different mediums that can store the water longer, cos I’m going through 60-80 litres of fluids a week! There’s no leaks, I’ve monitored it closely for days by having a camera set up that’s connected to my phone


Put together a pcb light board from anyone making them, tho I can’t lie I’m a hlg whore as well

Put the drivers outside your tent as far from where you draw fresh air in as possible, this will also reduce heat.

Hlg makes fatty heatsinks that seriously dissipate the heat from the light boards, make sure to get the xl triple heatsink. It can fit 3 pcb boards for each.

If you part things out sometimes you can get a better deal on them

@666snake off topic but you mentioned reservoir? What system you running?

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