LED Best Model for Growtent Soil

Hi Folks, real new here, thinking of buying a 3x3, maybe 2 x4 grow tent and an advanced platinum p300, maybe 2 to 3 plants. Never done this before. Is the p300 enough light and are there better options for cost, p300 is $369…thx for feedback

thats sounds like a lot of $$ for a starter light for 1-2 plants, unless you have aspirations to go bigger, but you can always add lights as you go.

Thx for UR response, can u make a suggestion, kin of pricey for me but thought it would be cooler set up w/ led light. Concerned about heat buildup

I like the LED lights too! @Zombo

I just think $369 for a 300 watt LED light sounds like a lot. I bought a generic one on ebay for $58-

I probably should have asked you were in the world you’re located? Country is enough unless you want to be more specific.

I’m in MA in the US. Anyway once I can figure out where you are located I will see what we can find you for a light.

When you respond add me to the post like this @bob31 and it will tag me back to your post!

I’m in USA, SE. Appreciate feedback. I have been combing thru a lot of subject matter on this site and did come across a 600W Chinese made for $129. One of the members suggested it.,this site is awesome and everyone seems so helpful

Not sure if I’m posting right Bob, what was wattage of $58 dollar unit u wrote about?

@bob31…currently I haven’t purchased the first item except I did order Northern Lights seeds… Figured I should wait until seeds come before I buy anything else, no use having equipment w/ no seed

Hi @Zombo!
Fellow newbie here

Ive also been researching led lights as not got one yet
@bob31 mentioned the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series in one of his comments to me (hes been helping me with my questions too!)
i got this off of a review site

In the OPTIMUM GROWING COVERAGE section it states

300w – (136 actual watts) – 24″ x 24″
450w – (200 actual watts) – 30″ x 30″
600w – (276 actual watts) – 36″ x 36″
900w – (418 actual watts) – 48″ x 36″
1200w – (524 actual watts) – 48″ x 48″

bob31 also told me how to work out what light ull need

“The measurement for lights is pretty simple. Sq footage of your tent and then divide the true wattage by sq foot
So a 3x3 would be 9. Most 300 watt LED light have a true wattage of about 140 so 140/9 would be 16. Ideally 40-50 watts per sq foot is where you would want to be”

my tent is (in feet)
2.6 X 2.6 (width X length)
so that would give me a sq foot area of 6.76?!?

so going by 40 - 50 watts per sq foot means im looking for a light with 270 (6.76 X 40) - 338 (6.76 X 50) true / actual watts (NOT advertised watts!?!) so im looking at getting the 600w – (276 actual watts) – 36″ x 36″

Hope this helps
Credit to @bob31!!


oh yeah its on amazon.com for $189 at the mo (im in the uk where its £159)!!


@man10101, isn’t this site the best? Thx for the info… I mentioned to Bob that another poster had a $129 model from aliexpress.com 600w model…I’m in info overload mode right now, trying to process and have too many ?'s to ask

@man10101 I have been looking at the Advanced Platinum P300 LED but it’s 370 US...I agree w/ Bob, too much for newbie like me…I can get Chinese model @ 600w for more than half that price, unless this p300 is that much superior in output and spectrum

yeah this site is kinda cool!
Ive had a LOT of help from about 4 -5 members already and i only joined not even 2 days ago!
like most things in life the more seriously u want to take your grow the more there is to learn and think about!
plus your set up will dictate what you need which is why theres so many options
size of tent, type of light, ambient humidity and temps, quality of water all have to be considered as im only just starting to learn (from the help on this site!) now!!

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i think what you need to do (as @bob31 had me do!) is work out how many watts ull need for your grow space

if you get a 3 x 3 tent your grow area is 9 square feet
if you get the 2 x 4 tent your grow space is 8 square feet

you then multiply your grow space by 40 -50 watts per square foot

so for your 3 x 3 youll need a light with 360 - 450 TRUE / ACTUAL watts
for your 2 x 4 youll need a light with 320 - 400 TRUE / ACTUAL watts

3 brands that have been mentioned to me (once again by bob31!) that have been used by members on this site with good results are viparspectra kingplus and meihzi
and like i said im looking at getting the viparspectra 600 watt (276 actual watts)

Good stuff, thx Man…I’m gonna take a look at them

Hello Man. I am thinking of buying the viparspectra led model, 900 w. Their site shows I guess, a spectral analysis and it seems the blue range is a lot larger than the red range. Wonder if that is a factor when blooming, I think flowering stage needs more red, wondering what your or anybody else has feedback on this? Have a great day!

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i like my mars hydro for their price. i have 3 of them and they work GREAT! especially for the amazing price of $70-$80 bucks a piece or 2 for like $140. You cant go wrong with these!


Bang for buck I hear the most favorable stuff on starter LEDs about the Mars 300. Leds don’t have the spread of hids so you often need two to cover a square area well. The Mars let you do that. Advanced Platinum are good lights too. They are longer and narrow so have to take that in mind. I bought two of the King Plus lights before I realized I could do the same job with two Mars 300 s for the cost of one of my lights.

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@Stomper, thx for the info, was just looking at the mars hydro reflector series…think it was the 192…seems like their blues and reds are better than viparspectra but have no idea since I have never done this…

I have two marshydro 600’s but i love my viparspecta R900 runs really cool has the veg/bloom switches and price was just right
I also have there V300 very happy with them both