Led as opposed to hps

From a fellow grower:

I just recently purchased a couple grow tents (one for veg and one for flower), they came equipped with the kind k3 300w grow lights (high intensive led).

My questions, how different is the growing process? You reference hps, but nothing on led… Regulating temperature with hps can be an issue, not so much for led… But using led, could there be a problem of not enough temp? Last question, with lack of heat, could that affect the humidity levels?

I have looked at a couple studies that show led lighting to be superior… But they don’t discuss if it changes the growing process all together.

Thanks for your time. I hope you can help me out with this.

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Kind Led lights are one of the top ten brands , if not top five , but you shouldn’t have much trouble with heat or humidity , but led can generate a fair amount of heat if you don’t keep air moving in and out the grow space . I’m running Advance LED XTE 350 and I’ve had some very dense tight buds , but you will have to adjust lights to find the sweet spot for your Kind light . You can download a par meter app on your smart phone that can help you find the most intensity of your lights lumens to keep from having to buy one . But I run a 400 watt China made led with my Advance led in a 2x2x5 grow tent and my auto amnesia haze is just about finish , and I’m waiting on the blueberry to produce. Now long as you have a decent cfm inline fan scrubbing the hot stale air out and a 4,6, or 8 inch duct fan to bring cooler fresh air in the grow space you should do fine. What I suggest is to get everything setup and do a day or two dry run to get everything dialed in , than you can escort the lady’s in the grow space .

The growing process shouldn’t be very different at all, except you won’t have to deal with venting as much heat. A lot of heat is not good, not needed. Cannabis does best at about 75*F.

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