LED and HPS together

I have 5x 2000w LED lights and 5x 600w HPS … what would be the best configuration for optimal growth/light coverage? I have a 10x20 space i can use.

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Which 2000 watt grow lights? The 600’s are good for about 4x4 each.

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Bestva 2000w dc series

Seems like you would be a little shy of flowering 200 square feet. I would try alternating their location and see how you do.


I was thinking about alternating the lights in 2 rows… each 4x20 with a 2ft walk/work way in the middle. I could add another led and hps to make it 3 led and 3 hps slightly closer together? Would that make a difference or would it be better to just do a row or hps and a row of led. ?


The bestva 2000dc pulls 390 w, so it’s good for almost 8sq ft.
Each light would do ok in a 4’x20"-24" space. The corners might be a little shy of necessary light. But with all the other photons bouncing around from the other lights it’s should do ok.

600’s will put out a lot more light than your led fixtures. If your plan is to build around what you have, I would definitely grab another 600 and shoot for the 4x20 rows with 3 600’s on each side and LEDs between them.


I would split that grow space into a flower side and a veg side using all 5 of the hps in it as my “meat and potatoes” and then throw in a couple of those LEDs in with them as my “salt and pepper”

I would use two of the three on the other side of the 10x20 for veg, and purchase a 4x4 tent and put that last LED in there to raise a “mom”.

If I had ten lights in total I could justify buying a cheap tent to accommodate a mom and done right you could be having good yields every month.