LED and Exhaust Fan + Recommendations

Hi @dbrn32. Thank you for your time and advice. I will buy whatever you recommend. I plan on growing smaller plants to bloom in a shorter period of time for my first grow in order to reap the benefits sooner than later. And to determine which strains to continue growing. Later I’ll grow for longer periods and bigger harvests once I know which strain(s) are most effective. I’ve wasted hundreds on medical grade CBD oils. They work well for others (and pets!) to whom I gave them to when they failed for me. I am going to make my own with various levels of CBD/THC. I won’t be giving those away since I’m telling no one IRL about my garden.

If it turns out that I only need to grow one plant at a time then I will use a smaller grow space where I can more easily conceal and secure the location. If that happens I’ll be here again asking your advice for a smaller room. :blush:

I will post updates and progress in another forum along the way.

Which specific LED do you most like for a 4x4? My preference is quiet and cool but I’m sure that’s what we all want.

Thank you again for your help. :pray:

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@Agrestic Thank you for the note. Do you have a filter you recommend instead?

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i thought i’d found a solution with Terrabloom but they still pooped out after one grow. the trick is to not have them hooked up when you’re running a humidifier. now with the panedemic and no one coming into my house, i’ve just been running everything buck naked and haven’t had a chance to try the replacements out without the humidifiers, which i’m no longer using.

here’s a thread i started last year with some suggestions.

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I think two of the qb 260 xl kits is a great lighting setup for a 4x4, if you don’t mind assembly. With coupon code from hlg very good bang for your buck.

Hey @dbrn32. I ordered them and sent a note to their customer service. Chelsie recommended this one

She was so nice she said she would send that one at no extra charge. But I think the other two already shipped so IDK what I’m getting yet :wink:

It will be a surprise. Anyway thank you for your help.


@NeoGroR thanks for the suggestion and coupon code. Amazon had already shipped the 6” infinity fan. But good news is I found the 6” infinity filter on the manufacturers site so I was able to purchase it there.

I just one to thank everyone for being so helpful. :pray:

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Either will certainly do. The 260 xl kits have little more spacing on boards, usually helps get light intensity balanced some.

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Excellent. I talked to their tech support about what settings to use. Seems like these lights have significantly higher intensity than the other ones on the market. Thanks for the help and esp for the coupon everyone.

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