LED and Exhaust Fan + Recommendations

Hi everyone. I’m new and appreciate any advice. 4x4 Vivosun tent, set up 4 Pot for Pot sets for 4 strains, seeds soaked and in seedling pots.

Was looking at SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light 5’x5’ Flower Compatible with Samsung LM301B Diodes Dimmable Commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR 1212pcs LEDs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TXFR69M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mUZBFb793G3E1. It has good reviews and a dimmer switch that’s easily accessible. Expensive but I don’t want to have to change lights later and setup again.

Any thoughts or preferences over this one?

Purchased a Vivosun fan but returning it (sounded like a jet plane :frowning: ). Recommendations for a quiet, filtered exhaust fan?

Also any favorite ph meter, fan, and glasses?

Thank you for any help.

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Let’s see here where to begin… With the exhaust fan the most recommended brand is eclipse. Try to find one with electronic environmental control. Second never believe amazon reviews on lights although Mars lights aren’t bad they are a cheaper alternative to the hlg lights most use and a 5x5 is a large space. If your budget allows I would look into either a hlg 550 for a single light or two hlg 260 xls for better light control and focus. Ph meter look for apera or blue labs.

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Oh welcome to the forum… Whoops forgot.


@dbrn32 is our general lightsmith around here. He can help with any light questions, and some, obviously.
And welcome! You’ll learn lots from all these nice kind folk. Lol.

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I do that 90% of the time. Message and forget to welcome them. Then I make another post welcoming. Lol.

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Yeah db is the man when it comes to lights, but I’m fairly confident in my recommendation. Now db is gonna make me liar lol.

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Check out timber grow lights, also a 6 inch infinity fan with control (t6) is a great fan


He’s great. Always helps when I’m confused. And great for recommendations too. He has such a knowledge that when you have a budget he can even make sure to guide you to what will work best with your budget. And he’ll dumb down the stuff so you can understand.

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Thank you :wink:

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@Shaggy the way you talk about how great db is… Is that you db with another tag ? Lol

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Hi Skorpion,

Thank you for the light recommendation. Looking at it now.

Apera Instruments AI209-T in the cart

I didn’t find an exhaust fan by eclipse. :confused:

I did find this fan

and this filter

I’ll ask dbrn32 about the lighting. There are so many choices and different sites recommending different ones… it gets overwhelming.

Thank you again!


Thank you Tinman :slight_smile:

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Whoops meant infinity good catch.

With the size space you have try to find a 6 inch if budget possible.

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@NeoGroR usually stays informed on the best prices on hlg lights and discount codes.


Wish I could say yes. But you ask me a light question, I’m just gonna say hlg for the answer. Your gonna a be like “what spectrum is better for flower” and instead of me saying 3000k or rspec (cuz I’ve learned a little on here) I’m just gonna be like “uh. Hlg.” Lol.
He’s actually got the knowledge yo. Wish I could understand that much about the lights. It’s a deep rabbit hole I went down and had to climb out before I got stuck.

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I’m not personally a fan of spider farmer, but it will probably do what you need. If you have a little more money to spend I would look at something from a company like horticulture lighting group or chilled tech.

I would definitely go with ac infinity cloudline 6" fan. The s6 will do what most people need. The t6 has more fancy controller, but not something most can use effectively.


What he said…

All I have is the 10% code for HLG, I think it’s still “dude”

For AC infinity “growcast15” for 15% off, this one takes an already affordable fan and filter and makes them even more affordable.


another plug for the 6" AC. can’t comment on the filter yet but so far nothing cheap lasts long. and that Ph pen is the bees knees. glad you’re starting off with the right stuff and not cheaping out at the start like most of us do and eventually upgrade later, spending even more $$.

i’m also an HLG convert via dbrn. now that i’ve been growing awhile i’m finding myself still wanting an upgrade of sorts, but if you have the budget, this is the best bang for your buck and you’ll grow some great weed.