LED and AUTOS kinda suck

Well said my friend :v:

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Yeah i think i got cheap light. The auto I’m growing (week 9) is blueberry from ilgm seed bank

3 ft by 5 ft by 6 ft

So this is a must?

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3x5x6 feet
Preferably under $200

That’s 15sq ft.
With a high quality led you’re looking for 450 watts at the wall minimum.
For blurple panels, cmh or hps you’re looking closer to 750watts at the wall.

You’ll probably not find cmh, hps, or blurples that hit that for under $200. I’m certain you won’t find good leds for that, even if you diy.

Sunlight is free, but indoor lighting is not. Good lighting is essential to a good quality product. You cannot cheap out on that. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but you will have to spend some $$.


I just ordered a spider farmer

I already have a “1500” watt led in there

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How many watts with the sf? How many with your current led?

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I would say that it needs to be up there on your priority list at the very least. Like I said, another 3 on order bringing my total to 5 must tell you something. I have seen a big difference on bud density :sunglasses:


SF claims to be 1000w