LED and AUTOS kinda suck

This time was led and autoflower next i want to grow photos under hps or mh… Any suggestions? Tips or advice on brand?

What LEDs were you using? What size space?

Shit Idk I have to look but supposedly 1500w but it was cheap $150… If I go LED again you gotta recommendation?

My autos are going nuts under my LEDs :man_shrugging:


I use hlg qb260 rspec. They’re amazing and a LOT cooler than HPS


A few. But I’d need details.
Grow space size, budget, etc.

Many amazon leds, usually the purple hued ones, are deceptively marketed. They don’t provide anywhere near the light intensity they “show”.

I’ve only begun to play with autos. So far I’m not impressed. I’m going to wait to pass judgement for a few more grows, and a few more genetics, but so far I’m underwhelmed at their predictability/consistency vs photos.


Just dropped my first 4 photos, kind of excited, have only grew autos upto this point


I would love to go led but went with hps instead for the heat. Not in a tent have a room in basement, winter will be a struggle with temps so wanted the extra heat. Plants do love the hps though. When in solo cups had them under t5 tubes, potted up a week ago put them under the hps the doubled maybe tripped in size in a week. Day they got potted up

1 week after potting up and light change. while I’d like to take advantage of more efficient lighting hps worked for me and your plants will love them.


heres some autos under led



I just got two lbs from 5 autos under hlg quantum board LED.


To me that would be A+ with autos. The most I’ve got out of one auto is 5 oz. That was Northern Light I’m sure some do better than others. Good job :+1:


I personally like autos but it can be a hit or miss. Theres no room for error or itll start flowering while its small cause of set backs. But as long as it stays happy u can get good yields from them. Usually the unbranded leds is like 10% to 20% true watts to what they claim it to be. Always read description of leds to see true watts. When i first started i made the same mistake


I wouldn’t use predictable and or consistent to describe autos either. They made sense to me as a new grower to become familiar with the plant and the process in general. Did 4+ runs and now trying my hand at photos. On to phase two. They are on the back end of week 4 of flower. So far so good.


I’ve only grown autos under leds, several grows and I have no complaints. Not to sound like a jerk but you bought a cheap off brand light and expected great results. You didn’t say anything about the genetics you were using either. You have to set yourself up for success!


What size is ur grow space? And can u post a pic of ur led brands name if u can?

These lights are THE SH!T.
Decent LED are a must for decent buds.

Good vibes and good luck :v:


Agreed, back at ya and thanks man :sunglasses:. I have another 3 on order :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I have 4 of them.
2 x 3500 R-spec
2 x 2700 R-spec
I love them and so do my buds :grin:


Autos may suck, and blurple lights definitely suck. So perhaps you are partially correct. But an auto grown correctly under a good quality LED will not suck like one grown with a sucky light.