LED Added while Flower,does this hurt plant?

I’m a new grower, couple weeks into flower some chocolopes in 2x4x5… I have a MH tsw2000 as the main course and 2 100w leds from vivosun as side dishes shown …500w total …I want to know what’s the best option to help.my plants with light…Do I raise up to the top like the 2k, keep them angled like my HPS Reflector( style) or should I put on the sidewalls and light up the sides and bottom for the lower sites? This strain is almost to the top of the tent already but I think the growth is about over and the buds and sugar leaves are here…any advise can help,Thanks

No need to make 2 posts for the same issue brother. :grin:

Fairly sure your LEDs left and right are too close to the plants. I’m not an expert at this though.

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My 1st post lol…wanted to add the picture for reference…I assume hanging from the top would be the best option

Sorry, ment 2 topics.


So you probably just need to raise the left and right boards. Idk though. I feel like that’s a lot of light for 2 plants. :man_shrugging:

I deleted the 1st one…should be okay …now back to topic lol…I just put the 2 extra in about 2 days ago and havent had on full blast, half to be exact…havent seen any leave or bud color change or burn so I didn’t know if keeping them this close would hurt anything

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Yeah maybe not. I’m not sure though. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower any ideas?

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They look pretty close to me as well. You can try it though, just keep on eye on your plants.

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