LED 1000 watt good for veg and bloom switches

From a fellow grower: Question about led lights 1000 watt is this a sufficient light for flower has veg and bloom switches, grows veg stage very well with white widow,during flower buds are thin not as dense,and full as I was hoping ,wondering if I’m on the right track,any suggestion would be highly appreciated

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Depends on what light they have , i have 3 platinum p600 that has both switches and i have had several sucessfull runs with them, just changing with the times is reason i dont use anymore. Also depends how many plants they have under said 1000 watt

Thanks @ILGM.Claire You are definitely lacking in light I use a cmh ceramic metal halide 630w Which is equivalent to 1000 W most of the LEDs that you buy that say they’re 1000 W you will be lucky if they’re 150 to 200 W being pulled from the wall you should join us and we will be more than happy to help you with your situation


My Viparspectra PAR600 pulled about 275 watts my HLG 260xl Rspec pulls upto 285 watts. So I’m a 4x4 tent and 2 kits of the HLG. I could actually put two more QB 288’s in but st some point there is to much lighting and will hurt the plants.

I was just reading a really great article that covers this subject:

It’s a longer read but pretty comprehensive and worth the read. May help your reader out!

My light is a giixer 1000 watt led with veg and bloom switch,works wonderful on veg , basically not anything during flower I’ve thought, hps but can’t justify the power bill increase ,or the heat

@Tinpound that’s really only 110 watts not 1000

Thanks Hogmaster

Welcome @Tinpound. Hope all is well with the grow

What watt hps or mh light would you recommend in 3×3x6 tall tent 4 girls 3 gallon pots

Thanks again

Is 1 2k watt Vanderbilt a good choice on Led light system I forgot how many led lights are on it I’d have to check but I would be using the 1 2k led for my 3x3 grow tent. I can get a better statistics on putting 2 or 3 plants scrog net in a 3x3 tent correct if I defoiliate and prune?