Lecithin; how much?

Any input on how much lecithin you use with your infusion? How much to use per cup of oil? not sure any help out there…happy infusing :bat: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Newt @Storm @plumbdand

I think these are all bakers :man_cook:

I’m not a baker. But I do use lecithin when I infuse. I use 1 teaspoon of lecithin (I use liquid) per cup of oil.


Thanks that is what I wanted to know. :bat: :rofl:


I squeeze the bottle and count to 3 per ounce of flower and use 1-1.5 cup oil to each ounce.


Sounds like about a teaspoon. :smile_cat:


I make concentrates but haven’t made edibles yet. I have an infusion machine got it a few months ago I haven’t even opened the box

We do the same

??? What are you waiting for? Edibles are great!

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1tsp per 30 grams is what the master infusers in Bergmans Lab taught me. I make 2 lbs of different strains of butter a month and I use 1 teaspoon per lb. Sometimes I make capsules for someone having sleep issues and I usually use 1/4oz of flower infused into 125ml of MCT oil with 1/4 tsp of lecithin. You just have to be careful using lecithin if someone has a heart condition @thecount13


I just kinda eyeball lecithin. Probably a tblsp in 2 cups olive/coconut. A little less for honey. When i make my cakes or brownies i add a touch more during mix. Gummies get none. Gummies I use coconut and honey. Orange juice as the liquid.

Yah i used a teaspoon of it when i make my gummies and when i infuse coconut oil

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