Leaving plants for one week. Can I move them to the bathroom

Leaving plants for one week.
Can I move them to the bathroom so they’re getting their light from the sun for that week?

Also, will they be okay water wise if I drench them before I leave?

About three weeks left of flower I’d say…!

Thanks everyone.

Have the best weekend!


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I had to leave for 10 days also. My plants were much younger. They were autos and on a 24-hour light cycle. I had to put them outside on my rear deck. Although the sun was in July and strong…they actually only got 5 hours a day. When I returned I found them very stemmy…very wired out thin…not much vegetaion…so, I brought them back under the good grow lights and I did some Low Stress Training to put them on their sides and just harvested them…salvaged…so, the main thing I learned was to know how the conditions I had to move them to where different to what had produced good results and what the change in them might be for their new environement, even thou it was ‘only’ 10 days…it really affected them negatively, as far as the amount I harvested.


I haven’t done a week, but this might help…


Drip systems are an excellent way to provide a slow and steady supply of water to your plants. Instead of gushing water into your soil every now and then, drips systems supply a constant yet tiny quantity of water that adds up and drains evenly over time.

Grab a used water bottle and make a couple of holes in the cap using a hammer and nail. Fill the bottle with water and replace the cap. Dig a hole in your container or garden bed and place the bottle in cap side first. This method will keep your plants hydrated for about five days.

So maybe you can leave them in your grow environment for light, and keep them hydrated.