Leaving on business - Grow Room Help

I’m on week two of veg. Next week, I’ll be headed to Colorado on business (always a nice place to be paid to travel to), so my tent will be unattended. I’m going to be gone for four days. I have three questions for preparing my tent.

  1. The last two times my plants needed water 3 days apart. How will an extra day likely affect my grow?

  2. My LED currently sits about 12" from the tops of my plants. Should I raise that up a bit to adjust for growth the few days I’m gone?

  3. What else am I overlooking about prepping to leave?

BONUS QUESTIONS! Should I just refuse to go because my plants will die?!

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I would say your light should be fine I use bulb waterers in my pots n that would work since it drops little at a time other than just making sure your plants don’t get to warm u should be fine

Without having a clue as to what you are growing in, or, what method; I would say that if you could 3 days before watering again, or topping off…you can stretch it an extra day. No guarantees though.

LED lamp; I would raise it 6" just to be safe. You can always train the limbs if you get any stretching. In week 3-4 the plant is going to grow in Width, and Height. Good Luck :

Yeah, sorry. Growing in one gallon of soil, that’s a big part of the equation.

I was worried about the vertical growth, because I figured it would start shooting up a bit. If I raise it up a bit, should I add some lights to the side of the plants, as well?

If I wete you just give them a good dose of water 2nd they will grow so rase the light ssy 6"

3rd. What stage are they in…vegg…flower you dont say cause maybe lirtle nutrient vmay help
Then go on your trip the worst that ,could happen is that they’ll need water when you you get home.

Wil it

I would not advise adding more lamps because, that will create more heat, which in turn would make the plants uptake more moisture, putting the whole idea in jeopardy.

@garrigan62 I was kinda thinking the same thing, just dose them well before taking off and raise the lamp a bit.

I just switched over to flower three nights ago.

@latewood Good point, I won’t throw in any more light before getting back.

Thanks for the support, guys. I really appreciate it.

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