Leaving for a week..Watering while on vacation

I have a BubbleGum Auto that popped out of the soil on May 22nd. Plant is looking good so far.

I have a vacation planned in a couple of weeks. How should I water the plant while I’m away? Can a 5 week old plant go 7 days without water?

The plant will be in its 5th week above soil while I am away.

Suggestions? Heavy water before I leave no water for the week ? Some type of auto waterer? Pump on timer? Bulb thingys you poke into the soil?

What size pots do you have them in? Perhaps a transplant to bigger pots right before your vacation would hold them. When I transplant from 3 to 7 gal, they can go 7 or 8 days without water easily.


It’s in a 3 gallon pot I was going to let it grow in there for the duration but if a transplant is an easy fix for the water issue.

You can always use one of these sort of things. I have used them for a week away
Not this specific one but the same thing.

If you are going to transplant into a larger pot, you could try putting in wicks (cotton rope works well) that poke out the bottom, then stand the pot on a couple of bricks inside a larger container holding a few inches of water. My last grow was able to self water this way for 2 weeks at a time with no problems. Eventually the roots extend into the water & do their own wicking.