Leaving a plant in dark

Does leaving a plant in the dark a few days before harvest make plant produce more trichs?
Thanks y’all

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this is one of those things everyone has a different opinion about. I don’t see how you can do all dark for 48hrs in nature, And I try to mimic nature. In my opinion it does not.

I do it to dry them out a little more safely before the cut but mostly it’s a wives tale with no actual scientific proof behind it

Thanks y’all I chopped em

I chop after a 12 hour dark cycle the scientific proof of it being of benefit isn’t exactly documented yet but with a little common sense there is surely a benefit for some of us who appreciate maximizing terpene profile, no need to do anything longer than just there normal dark period, the reason some of us do it is because your terpenes recharge at night… during the day they burn off or evaporate in order to help reflect harmful UV rays back away from the plant hence why your grow smells so wonderful in the morning and as the day goes on the smell does become a little less potent… anything over 12 hour dark period is pretty useless ide imagine the plant can only produce the cannabinoids it’s capable of producing THC, CBD, CBN all comes down to your harvest time, where as terpenes is all harvest practice and environment plus a good cure