Leaves yellowing

Hi, I’m new to growing, a friend gave me a plant, Pineapple Haze, now at approx 10 weeks, the leaves from the middle of the plant upward are turning yellow, with purple stems, and some buds are beginning to look burnt. I had been feeding w/FoxFarm trio, but stopped in case I was over feeding. The plant also suffered some damage in a recent wind/rain storm, so I have tied it for support, the main stem is about 7’ tall, the lower parts of the plant seem fine. Soil ph is 6.3

@tdiamond10, pictures are worth a thousand words. Also, there is a support ticket if don’t mind filling it out.

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That girl is more than 10 weeks old :grin: Probably week 4-5 of flowering.
She looks hungry. I don’t see much nute burn on the tips of your leaves.

How are you measuring soil pH?

Purple stems can be calcium /magnesium deficiency. Do you have closer pics?
Also, closer pics of the “burnt” buds

Yes, my time frame is off,you are correct, it began flowering at the end of July. It’s dark out now, I’ll get better pics tomorrow, I removed the burned looking buds, the leaves in the buds had browned,curled n dried tips. PH reading is from a
cheap probe, taken 3-4 inches from the stem

The “burn” might be bud rot. Where’s your humidity been hovering? Good call removing those asap
Those cheap probes are just about worthless. I bought one too way back…

Any update OP?

Yes,Hi, have new pics,

Is the brown area on the bud BudRot? It was dry n hard, crumbled when I touched it.


Yes sir. Not sure if its fungi induced rot or buggie induced but u definitely have some rot going on. Cut that half of the bud off and inspect interior. If u see mold then act accordingly (cut ALL infectd bud away, peroxide-water bath, spinosad soap, ir something similar) if u see bugs GET THE TF OUT! Andinspect along stems and where leaves are affectd. Act quickly

So how do I get rid of these little squirmy bastards?

Everyone speaks of spinosad spray. Dang i just saw @Countryboyjvd1971 answering this. I gotta start saving more links :joy::joy: if u get a second bro can u link here?

@tdiamond10 got an update? Hope u nipped da lil :poop:

Found something

Looks like bud rot
Does it turn to powder when you touch it if so it bud rot
Which is cause by high humidity and excessive rain etc outdoors
I lost most of my outdoor grow last summer yo bud rot?

How much of the plant has this ?

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Yes, very dry n crumbly, found one of the little bastards inside it. That was the only spot on the whole plant . Picked off more worms yesterday, buds are heavily frosted, don’t really want to spray and ruin em, but the alternative(watching em turn to shit) is just as bad.

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If its bud rot remove ALL infectd buds immediately. U maybe too late :flushed:

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But rot is a bitch
You may want to take them down early
I lost most of my outdoor grow last season to bud rot i keeped chasing it and removing effected budd until there was almost nothing left? Your call better to early then loosing the entire grow ?

Peroxide bath is a must also before hanging

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