Leaves yellowing too soon?

. Mystery seed from nirvana.
Coco and perlite.
5 gal. Air pot.
R.O . water / G.H Lucas system.
300 watt galaxy hydro LED.
78° day temps. 35° RH
Air condition/ fans.

Her larger leaves started yellowing early in flower. Then smaller, but older began to yellow. It looked like over watering but it’s in an air pot. Is it common for leaves to yellow this early ?


What is the ph?


Yellowing of the Leaves (from the bottom of the plant upward)

This can be a sign of nitrogen deficiency or of over fertilization. If accompanied early by browning and necrosis of the leaf tips then you may be over fertilizing. Adding extra fertilizer when you are already over-fertilizing will kill a plant at any stage of growth so it is safer to flush the plant (if using a pot use three times as much water as your container size) with clean water to remove the excess nutrients. If this helps then excess nutrients are the problem. This could be because you are feeding the plant too much or if later in the growth cycle could be caused by excess nutrient salts building up in the soil. If this does not help then you may need to add more N to your fertilizer mix. These symptoms can also be caused by a PH imbalance.

It is worth mentioning that this symptom will also be seen late in flowering on many strains and is perfectly natural as the plant draws in nutrients from the leaves toward the end of its life. Some growers prefer to give extra nitrogen to slow or prevent this and others like to let nature take its course. Either will produce fine output.

Will 48


This is the most complete answer to a question it can be , and yes , some strains start loosing foliage pretty yearly on in flower.
I just finished light dep one of my Strawberry Cake plants and I ended up harvesting clean buds…No foliage at all, product was highly satisfying BTW…

Anyway 100 % agree @garrigan62

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They look hungry to me


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I did have a pH problem right before flowering. I was using Artesian spring water, which held a 6.1 pH and 28 ppm. I got too comfortable and didn’t check pH for about 10 days. I did a random check and discovered my pH dropped to 4.9. I flushed with RO till my run off was 131 ppm then fed lightly.