Leaves yellowing,rough and reaching for the sky

Hello All, Still a newish grower and i kinda lost with this one.
Gelato Photos
ph- 6.2
2- parafact works ra 1000 led lights at 18 inchs. 230 watts
2x4 tent.
mixture of happy frog and MG organic soil.
So, I normally have been doing just Autos since im still learning but had a challenge i saw online so i decided to grow 2 Gelatos photos and mainline them. Plants were growing great. When it was time to mainline I ran to ABC store for some much needed refreshment and when i came back my friend had topped them. :angry:
He saw some youtube videos and tried to help me out. I wasnt going to top that low.
Anyway. I wake up this morning and i find one plant with the most damaged leave sticking almost straight up. It is also rough and stiff. not soft and bendable like a good leaf. Both plants are doing the same leave spots and yellowing. Still to early for nutes with the soil im using(i think) but I have added some voodo juice i had to help the roots. Im was thinking of taking them outside and doing a flush but dont want to make the situation worse. any help would be great. Again, Thanks all.