Leaves yellowing but not all on same plants

4 plants in soil under 600W hid. Some stalks are just yellowing, no green veins, just a general yellowing while other stalks fine. 2 1/2 weeks into flowering. no ph issues. with 1/2 nutes of FF Big Bloom. about a week ago for first time.

Pictures are worth a thousand words :blush:

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i will post pics tomorrow when my plants are back under light

Every plant is diff. Even if they are the same strain sometimes just a plant or two can show deficiencies or toxicity, while others dont. Definitely a picture. But if its general yellowing, I’m going to say lack of nitrogen.

Hungry from the sounds of what you posted your a couple weeks in flower and have bairly given her any food shes consuming herself to get the nutes she needs

Go back to N heavy fert or just more big bloom which has no nitrogen? Maybe 50/50 Veg and Bloom? Looking at the pictures on this site under the deficiencies, mine really don’t look like any of them. Just a general yellowing of the leaves but no green veins. I looks like light burn almost so I raised my lights 6". What I don’t understand is the same plant has some branches healthy green and another yellowing. Some of the older fan leaves are looking ragged but that is to be expected at this point.

Id say feed bloom nutes

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