Leaves yellowing along stem

This is my first time doing a feminized plant, I usually grow autos. This plant is about 2 weeks into flowering and the leaves have started yellowing. It is mainly on the leaves closest to the stem but it is spreading.

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When and what were you feeding them?

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Congratulations your plant is talking to you telling you hey I’m getting ready to go into my next steps Which is budding it’s totally natural don’t freak out there’s nothing wrong


8mg per gallon about every 2 days

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Bump for the cause……

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It seems even more yellow today


Here are the charts I go by. Not sure what the yellowing leaves could be but hopefully this helps you out


I believe what your looking at is a nitrogen deficiency. Cannabis still needs nitrogen in flower, especially during the first half when the plant is stretching. I’d up the nitrogen or you’ll be chasing the yellow all the way to harvest. Although it can be normal for cannabis to yellow in flower, this usually occurs in the later half, your to early to be yellowing this much.

Let me tag some forum members so you can get all the help you need.

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I wanted to say nitrogen just wasn’t 100% but according to my charts that’s what it more than likely is comparing pics and issues

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Im not sure if its N or P she is lacking. The yellowing screams N. P starts at the outside more often. But the way when they drain, they leave brown spots and the fact ur flowering makes me think a combo of both.

Are you in pots or in the ground? I think I see a pot. Thats one big girl. What size container?

Either way Id up her feeds. Would love the ppm reading on ur solution.

8mg of each? Or all together?


I was using 8mg each. She is also potted in an 10 gallon fabric pot. Other than the yellowing leaves, plant seems to be healthy and flowering well

I will be adding this shortly too

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Okay from what I see ( in the pics of your nutes) your N is way too low

All of it seems a tad light. Id look into a more weed friendly nutrient. Or maybe boost the amounts ur feeding in. Do you have a ppm meter? Not mandatory but would be awesome

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I still say it’s natural, L@@K at WHAT TYPE of leaves that are turning yellow, it’s all the long stem leaves that are no longer needed, the rest of the girl l@@ks fine…

just take some time and clip those off, girl will CONTINUE to yellow until all the “i dont need these leaves anymore” u can start to clip ALL THE LONG stems as well, seriously I do not see any deficiency all I see is a natural process I’ve been growing for 25 years and I go through this every year, LOL LOL just like us human girls these girls are very very smart they know what they are doing we’re just here along for the ride to enjoy their natural life cycle and then burn the bitch up

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This looks natural to you?

I understand a few LOWERS yellowing at a time. But that is multiple nodes in the middle going up and down the plant.

She is screaming for something.


this is mine! If you notice all of the leaves that are yellowing on mine as well as your plant are the long stem …those are unneeded NOW, your plant doesn’t need anyting if you feel it needs something clip all those yellow leaves off and you’ll see that your plan will come back it is a natural process you’re overthinking it… your plant looks great

In the first picture she has not yet hit her yellow stage yet she was planted about three weeks after all the rest but she will get there, 2nd pic, this was a Wonder it was about 2 ft tall and about 8 weeks into growing and it started to Bud, then re veged, went back into budding revered AGAIN and now it’s back in the budding the weirdest plant I’ve ever had LOL the third and fourth picture are the same plant but if you notice it’s all over the planet close to the stem out on the edges of the stem all of those long stem leaves are now a burden to the plant you better off going out and cutting them off instead of having your plant overwork itself taking nutrients from the good part of the plant to help the yellowing cut them off …your plant will be fine I promise I promise, know if those yellowing leaves had a bunch of black spots or brown spots are holes in it yes then you need to be worried but at this point it’s a natural process I can’t keep telling you enough it’s natural natural natural it’s a natural process I’m afraid you’re going to end up giving it something and really damaging it because you’re trying to correct something that is not correctable or unnecessary… I used to do the same thing 25 years ago when I first started even for the first three years every time they’re yellow it was like oh my God my plants dying no
BUT got some OLD TIMER that was kind enough to be mean (in a good mean lol) and just get down and tell me
“stop worrying!! this is natural. you’re going to worry yourself sick when your plant is fine”
so I really hope that I was kind enough to be mean to let you know LOL you’re right on track don’t stress you have a very awesome beautiful plant it is following right along where it needs to be you don’t see any of the other New Growth having yellow or deficiencies going… really look at your plant and see every leaf that is yellowing will have a long stem clip it get rid of it don’t need it and it will get to the point where you will go out and barely touch them and they’ll just fall off or the wind to blow and the old bad yellow leaves WILL fall off I like when the wind blows them off that cuz it’s less work LOL

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but if you don’t take my word for it, or trust my 25 years experience in growing then you can always
open a support ticket, and the professionals will tell you exactly what they think and I’ll guarantee you they’ll tell you oh no don’t worry about that that’s natural if it was deficiency of any kind it would show through the whole plant not just those long stem and leaves it would show through the WHOLE plant… sorry that’s my last input

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That last set of pics (same plant) is less natural yellowing more extreme N burn. Probably from the compost… they dont use a ton of N in flowering and ur soil maybe loaded.

Also could be the abundance of Nitrogen. People keep pushing N on autos to prolong the stretch (keep them from full bloom).

Dont be sorry. Lil friendly banter and debate is the mother of all ingenuity. I always hope I dont come off as condescending or ‘no UR WRONG’ish.

But back to the pics. First two pics clearly show light yellowing in the lowers. That my friend is natural. Ur final plant (2 pics) is not. That is an Nitrogen toxicity. And too much N leads to lockout of other nutes. So not a good thing at all.

Id wager if u transplant nexttime into a more flower friendly medium… ur yield taste and grow will be substantially greater.