Leaves turning yellow early flowering


I’m new to ilgm.

This is my third harvest. I experience the same discoloration everytime. It happens during the early stage of flowering. I tried to water without nutrients. Tried to make sure my ph is 6.5 when watering. Tried to alternate how I water my tree (with or without nutrients).
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have provided some pictures.
Can someone give me a piece of advice.
Thanks a lot

Just to know what stain?
That is photo or auto?
What soil you used?

More than likely you are simply seeing old fan leaves that are beat up and going to be dropped by the plant. This is a normal part of the plant’s life cycle.

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Could be a combination of things.
I would be looking for bugs using your loup.
Carefully remove an affected leaf and flip over and lay on table and take a look using 30x and then 60x.
Usually on the underside but check both sides.



I don’t know the strain. It was given by a friend.

I’ve been using Plagron All mix as my soil.

I have also checked for bugs. Although I don’t believe that I’m bug free, I doubt they could be the reason for that discoloration.
It does happen to the sugar leaves after a certain while.

That’s the reason I kind of haverst a little bit earlier than desired.

I don’t known clear but can be light burn o nutrients problem but maybe @Covertgrower, @Budz, @GulfCoastGurilla
They have better opinion

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I’m sticking with bugs for this one. Those holes look way to sketchy.


Yeah. Check under the leaves.


Been oil the solve if it’s bugs? I’m trying to get better at knowing what to do if these things come up for me later?

Morning all,

I considered what everyone told me. I checked for bugs again last night, I didn’t see anything. I do agree with Covertgrower and Skydiver about the holes but I can observe them on very few leaves.
I decided to reduce the amount of nutrients and observe what is going on.
I keep you updated.

Been oil was supposed to be Neem oil

Stupid autocorrect