Leaves turning yellow during flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi quick question with my first grow. my plants are in week 3 of flower and the leaves are turning a bright yellow. Checked ph levels made sure there getting proper nutrients according to the bottle but there not changing back to a healthy green. Im doing a indoor grow in soil. Any advice would be grateful thank you

Many newbies make this mistake going into flower , I even made the same mistake , but whenever your growing and transitioning from veg to flower , you have to do the nutrient switch gradually . Example , let’s say you doing 10 ml of veg nukes and it’s time to give bloom nukes for the switch . You continue the veg nutrients as normal , and add 2.5 ml of bloom each feeding and remove 2.5 ml of veg …example ; 1 ml veg - 2.5 ml bloom , next feed 7.5 ml of veg - 5 ml of bloom , next feed 5 ml of veg - 7.5 ml of bloom , next feed 2.5 ml of veg - 10 ml of bloom , next feed no more veg and only 10 ml of bloom , next feed 10 ml of bloom for maybe 2 -3 weeks and than no nutrients from this point just ph water , and this will help flush , and continue that method until plant finish , hopes this helps !

If the plant is not getting the proper strength of nutrients in flower; The plant will use stored elements from the fan leaves, causing them to yellow. Perhaps this is a sign that you need to step up your solution strength just a bit. Maybe 200 ppm max.

I also want to add. I do not do any overlapping of nutrients grow/bloom wise. When I change period to 12/12; I add bloom nutrients. I do not use Grow nutrients for an extra week. Never have.

Actually; The week of transition is the week you want to shoot strong P-K levels to the plant. For instance: AN Bud Blood is used only in the 1st week of Bloom cycle. Then you go into the Bloom nutrient phase. This is causing your roots to grow more aggressively, and results in stronger flower sets.

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