Leaves turning yellow any concerns here?

Soil fox farm ocean forest. Started phosphate 1/2 tsp under drip line 10 days ago another 1/2 tsp set for 4 days from now. No other fertilizers added.


This is wk9 Blueberry.

Week 9’of flowering or is this an auto?

Blueberry Auto week 9 total have 5 or 6 weeks before harvest I have been told

Blueberry Auto…9 total weeks…5 or 6 weeks to go before harvest…yellowing just the past 2 or 3 days.

It looks hungry for N and it’s not too far into flowering to give it a bit more. You want something that will take effect quick so a liquid fert would be good (fish emulsion or liquid squid if you don’t have a lot of racooon worries or FF ) grow Big if organic isnt a concern) and could also hit it with something like a balanced dry fert to top dress with.

Thanks for the help and will visit local garden supply tomorrow.

Thanks heading to garden supply today

Will 10-10-10 or 5-5-5 what would you suggest

5-5-5 I’d say

Got Alaska fish fertilizer. Will add this evening or in the morning. No luck with 5-5-5 will check tomorrow. Also got a soil test kit and will try this evening before adding fish emulsion.

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Alaska fish fert is good :+1:

Gave the ladies a little drink this evening of Alaska fish.
Thanks for your help.

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