Leaves turning yellow and brittle

From a fellow grower: To answer your questions they are blueberry and banana kush femininized. They are indoors on 24 hr. Light right now. It’s saying it is 66 to 68 degrees with 10 percent humidity. They have a dehumidifier but it’s not running. They have a fan and lights. They are growing in fox farm soil and I only use Bergmann nutrients and purified water. I am sending some pictures. The tops look slightly yellow but the bottoms are more yellow. The big leafs have yellow stripes and they are very dry. Brittle almost. I think they are about to want to flower but I have not changed the light cycle until I talked to you about it


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10% rh is waaaaaay too low in any stage of the growth cycle. Needs to be up closer to 55-60%.

If they are photoperiods, they need to be under 18/6 light cycle until ready to flower, which has a lot of factors to determine when that happens. 24 on is fine for the seedling stage, but then after a couple weeks of age, they need a shorter on period. After a few weeks to a couple months, turn to 12/12. They look ready to flower also.

If it’s an auto, 18/6 would be good too, the whole cycle, so they can rest a little.

The bottom leaves look like they are just at their own ends and dying off. That’s normal. Yellowing on the tops is most likely where it the new growth is coming in.

Full plant pics under normal light would help a lot. Good luck!


You got some good advice, the only thing I see in current pictures is some minor clawing which indicates a slight N excess.


Thank you so much. I was really worried about them. Do think I could put a humidifier in the tent? I was about to 12 12 them buy I wanted to ask about the leafs before I did. Thanks for the advice.

humidifier inside the tent may lead to mold issues, I would just set up in the room outside the tent.