Leaves turning purple et al. on Autoflower

Hi all,

I have two different things that I’m seeing. This is only my second grow, so I’m still learning. Do any of the images appear to present issues that I should be concerned about?

These are autoflowers, about a week, maybe two weeks away from harvest.


@jazzstudii Nope nothing to worry About the longer you wait those leaves will just die off and the energy from them will be put into the flowers but you’re perfectly fine if you’re almost to harvest I would just start pH in your water and don’t feed it anything else then you won’t have to flush at the end Would love to see a picture of the whole plant though


Hi Hogmaster, thanks for comment. Will take some full plant pics tomorrow (currently Sunday eve in South Africa).

Looks like a calmag deficiency to me

Or potassium

Thanks for input folks. Here’s full plant and close-up for trichomes. I think I should start flushing with intent of harvest next week. Anyone agree/disagree?

20180903_102608 20180903_102604 20180903_102619 20180903_102230 20180903_102208

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I agree with flushing I disagree with cutting next week. Get yourself a jewelers loupe or a digital microscope. It’s impossible to tell if the Trichromes are clear, cloudy or brown with the naked eye. If they are clear and you cut them all your hard work to this point will be wasted. They are beautiful!! Great job!


I concur with everyone. Look @ your trichs. That way you will get the effect wanted.


One indicator is the number of white pistils showing. That tells you that she is putting on bud mass and to let her keep going. Once the pistil production has ceased it’s time to start looking at trichomes. IMO you have 3 weeks or so to go.

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