Leaves turning brown

Hey, hope I can get some help here. I have a seedling about 3 weeks old growing in soil. The leaves started to turn brown in the last week or so - starting near the edges of the leaves and spreading throughout. Does anyone have any advice??

Strain; Jack Herer seeds from IGLM

Soil in pots - using Kellogs Patio Plus soil. I used this last year with my Jack Herer seeds w/ no problem.

PH of runoff : I haven’t check the pH yet.

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutrients added.

Indoor or Outdoor - outdoor

Light system, size - n/a

Temps; Day, Night - It’s been about 65-70°F during the day and dipping down to 50°F at night.

Humidity; 50-80% depending on the day

Does the Kellogg have nutes in it? Does the bag say something like feeds for 3 months??
Seedlings have all the nutrients they need in the coyotens. Or baby leaves.
When they turn yellow and fall off is when you start giving nutes.
Let me call some more knowledgeable Growers.
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this is what i know…lol

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Is it in mulch or soil? If that’s soil it’s very bulky soil. Looks like a deficiency to me. I have leaves turn that color but further into flower. @Donaldj must get sick of me calling him in to play plant doctor. Actually probably not people on here like to help people.

I wiuld start with checking ph levels
Ph being off will cause a lock out condition
So get that info and we can work from there also check ppm of the run off when you test @Scorp77


looks relatively healthy may simply grow out of it soil may be slightly rich for it at the moment

Awesome, thanks for all the replies everyone.

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The soil is listed at 0.3-0.1-0.1 NPK and also has 0.1% iron. I did my first grow last year in this soil and my plants were fine. I agree that the soil is very bulky, and I wanted to try something a bit different this year, so I got some Fox Farm Ocean Forest to grow in. I was actually worried about the Fox Farm soil being a bit too hot for my young seedlings, so I decided to put the seedlings in the Kellog soil in smaller cups, and let them grow a bit bigger before transplanting them over into the Ocean Forest. Four of my other girls respond well to this and are in their big pots now doing fine. I germinated this one here a few weeks after the others. I’ll give it a bit longer and see how she does, and check the pH in the meantime.

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I have buds turning brown and falling apart. There was a green 1 inch worm. I never had this problem before. Sticky buds but turned brown quick. You ever see this before.

Any pics?
Turning brown and falling apart sounds like bud rot. Once it starts it’s hard to combat, had a bunch of Growers lose a lot of meds last year to it and the caterpillar

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Plants were about 3 months old so I cut them down and started curing them. Bottom is still green just the top buds turned brown and fall apart.

David E Dykstra

If you found a worm, it’s mostly likely the caterpillar. I had those last year. They eat at the base of the bud and shit all over. They’re super hard to get rid of, but once the plants start to dry, they’ll crawl out looking for food. Hopefully your buds will be OK!

Ya a little 1 inch green worm and little brown balls of poop all over. Top of the buds turned brown lower ones still green. Looper worm?

Sounds like it. Pretty annoying. Luckily, unlike bud rot, the buds they didn’t munch away at will still be fine.