Leaves turning brown at tips


A question from a fellow grower:

I started a grow, but have problems. I looked in grow bible, but cannot really see the problem. Please look at my pics. All the young plants have brown dying tips. The smaller plants die at germination. These are purple haze according the person where I got it. I got it for free, but I think that the seeds was old. Maybe older than 3 years. I got 30 seeds and only 12 are growing. The rest either died or the seeds never germinated. What do you think could be the problem for the leaves turning brown at the tips?


I’m putting my money on your soil. It most likely wasn’t ment for seedlings.
Seedlings will die and not germinate in nutrient rich soil.
There are soils out there that you can buy that are ment for seedlings that are pretty much nutrient free. All seedlings need is just a little water in till they reach their 5th or 6th true set of leaves. I hope this helps.
If it were me. I would transplant into clean soil and give it some root stimulation mixture and it should be ok…otherwise it’s just going to die…just my opinion

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It’s hard to tell from the photo but if it’s yellowing, it may just be a mutation. I had a friend’s leaves turn bright yellow at the tips, a sort of two-toned thing happening, but the yield turned out totally fine. But if it’s browning, it could be a bunch of stuff but you’d probably want to check into your soil like the above poster mentioned.


He needs to check the PH of his or her soil. I forgot to mention that.
Do you have a meter to check your soil?
If not here’s a link to one.
I hope this help’s

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Hi everyone, you confirmed my suspicion. You are totally correct…. it was the soil. Someone sold me soil telling me that it was meant for growing marijuana. I purchased a good quality PH meter and it showed that the soil was acidic to the worst grade. I got hold of high quality seedling soil and transplanted every seedling. I can now literally see the difference. I will post a picture as soon as the seedlings grew bigger. Thank you everyone, it helped a lot. I lost 10 seedlings because of the wrong soil.
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Say, how many were you able to save.
I had a strong feeling ::slight_smile: it was the soil.
Glad you got a handle on it as quick as you did.
Thoughts PH meters really help a lot.
Would like to see an update after they get settled in there new home.

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