Leaves turning brown and curling in flower

First time grower and posting here, I appreciate and advice or input! Flipped to 12/12 lighting July 21st. Indoor grow, 7 gallon fabric pots with sohum super soil watering ph’d water with some sugaree every 2 to 3 days. Recently on this strawberry cough plants I’ve been seeing these brown spots on the leaves and they seem to be spreading throughout the plant. Other planets of same strain in the tent don’t seem to be effected but slightly concerned it could spread to other plants. Also done of the sugar leaves are effected and it’s inching closer to the bus. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Let me know if you need any more additional info or pics. Thanks!

The clawing leaves, and extra green leaves is a tell tale sign of excess nitrogen. Other than that they look good though.
Welcome to the forum, and happy growing!

Is there anything I can do to help this or is something I shouldn’t really be too concerned about? Thanks for the info!

Being so close to the end, you could flush before harvesting, that’s about it.