Leaves turning brown 2 weeks in forced flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

“2 weeks into forced flowering and some of my leaves are curling at the ends and turning brown. Too much fertilizer? First issue at all in my grow, otherwise BEAUTIFUL. My 1st grow, White Widow, indoors.”

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More informed responses will need more information.
Suggest you fill out a grow ticket…and clear crisp pics will help us give you an informed response.

At this point with the plant telling you something’s wrong would be a good time to check your pH runoff and ppm. Good luck finishing up

If it were 2-3 weeks further in I would probably guess Potassium deficiency. Because it is so early into flower I would guess its an overdose so I would just flush it with tab water and then lower the dosage of nutrients on the next watering after the flush. See how it goes.

Odd, the problem is only with one of the 4 plants… Anywhoo, tank has been flushed and replenished, see how she goes. DID have some problems with the ph, couldn’t pull it up. Our pastor has a high-end Japanese water filter that cranks out 9.5ph, couldn’t pull it up with the Holy Water either. Thanks!

Hello there new dude! Welcome to ILGM. excellent place to be. Firstly we gon get u a support ticket.

Before i put it up tho. Dp u know ur pH and or ppms? Of the solution u water with and the runoffs after? And now that youve joined… how bout a few pics. Will help a TON

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Any ideas on this seedling, bottom leaves brown, light burn possibly? They got sprayed when wetting soil

Possibly just water that lensed the lighting. Make sure it doesnt spread and no worries. Try to water the soil not the leaves :joy:

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My defense, I didnt do it!!:woman_facepalming:

She’ll be good. Those first leaves always take a beating. They’ll likely drop off in a few weeks. Probably shortly after the cotyledons burn off.

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What’s cotyledons?

I looked it up! Gotcha!

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Lol that was quick. Fast learner this one is

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: :wink::+1: