Leaves turning a two tone green

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey can you tell me why my leaves are turning a two tone green , I’ve been useing a 20 20 20 fertilizer once a week, the plant is outside in a 5gallon pail

A pic would be very helpful. Without one not much we can say to help. It would be just a guess and I won’t guess.

B Safe

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I think mine might be doing the same as what your talking about but without a pic hard to say. Is it doing what the plant in my profile pic is doing? Tops a lighter green then the rest of the plant?

I just checked out your profile pic and it just looks like new growth. Looks fine.
But ya this person needs to send us a pic.

B Safe

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Not enough info. We need you to copy/paste a “Support Ticket” here in order to give you informed advice. You will find one located in the beginner section. :slight_smile: Will be glad to help.