Leaves turn yellow

Hi guys need some help. Transplant my Animal mint outdoor, have little root bound, after 5 days bottom leaves start turn yellow, and plants looks weak. Have some advice, whole strain looks droppy.

Welcome back, those plants look super dry. I would get some water in there first of all and let them perk up before doing anything else

Nooo. I water them twice a day, they always wet!!!

you need to water the root ball from when you transplanted.
Water up close to the stalk very slowly. The roots have not grown out from there yet.

Every plant in the photo looks wilted.
How hot is it there?

Couple days its was 105 deagrece

I also agree with the watering, if you water around the outside of the pots the roots won’t be able to reach it at this point. Could it be transplant shock? The change in environment could definitely have an impact on them, If you put them out in direct sun with that kind of heat, probably not used to that.

They have been on the sun for like 25 days. Thats happen on day 5 after transplanting

This can also be a problem, overwatering can cause the plants to droop like that. How much water are you giving them per watering? Cannabis like wet/dry cycles, always wet is not a good thing. May have to water more frequently outdoor in the heat, but not always wet.

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