Leaves turn purple and die fast

first time growing and I’m about 6 weeks into flower and about 2 weeks ago the leaves started to quickly turn purple then dying off. I’m using GH florabloom 0-5-4. I’m not sure if there’s a way to save it but really wanna know what’s going on so it doesent happen my next grow.


It will be fine. What is happening should be occurring pretty close to right now. It’s a phosphorous deficiency. It’s happening because it takes allot if phosphorous to help buds pack on the weight and your buds are packing on weight as we speak.

You can try and up your fertilizer a bit but if it were me I’d just stay the course


I would have to concur with @TDubWilly :v:


Your plant is dying! Soon it will be dead… and on fire!

I’ve contemplated this before. Here we are giving our plants the utmost love and attention making sure the grow up into beautiful specimens , spending hours and hours for months making sure they are well cared for only to decide one day to kill them and light there bodies on fire for our literal enjoyment…kinda twisted :thinking::rofl:


Are you still feeding the micro and grow. Figuring since you are using the bloom. I use the same nutes my self. Also, are you defoliating now? if not. I would think that is an extreme amount of leaves to loose. I loose a couple here and there. but it looks like you have lost almost all of your fan leaves. I have most of mine trimmed off about this point too.

I cremate all my cannabis plants. The last one was a hermi and I threw it in the woodstove lol!