Leaves touching soil after transplant

Its been 2 days since i transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots. The bottom couple leaves are drooping down and touching the soul. Should i clip them off? Should I wait and see of they perk up? Im not sure what to do.

Seems everytime I have a leaf touch the soil for to long it does wilt off and die but ide leave until mostly dead or yellow I believe the mobile nutes from those dying leaves is being transferred to the young growth! Not 100 percent positive but I leave mine until they are mostly yellow… slight risk of inviting pests into the garden some say but I’ve never had an issue. If it’s still green I believe it is still undergoing photosynthesis and that’s a young plant more leaves for longer the better!

Ok that makes me feel a little better. Thank you @Teffygreenthumb

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They may perk up keep an eye on new growth if it starts doing the same you may have an issue but since she’s in new soil should be fine as long as PH is good!