Leaves surrounding buds are brittle and turning brown

I am about to harvest…maybe two weeks…and I just noticed my leaves that are tight to the buds are getting stiff and brittle. What is going on?

It’s close to the end of the life cycle really pay attention to it now so the plant won’t self/hermi rodization basically it will throw nanners and self pollination and make seeds. At this stage i pull as much dead leavs out as i can only the easy one’s on the buds and have fan’s blowing on the canapoy for bud rot. Do you have a jeweler loupe to check out the trichs on the buds


They are milky but not too many amber yet. The plant look like crap and this happened almost over night.

A pict would help. But sounds like she is eating herself. Very normal at this stage.


I agree with those above. They do this towards the end of their life cycle :v:

Gotta have pics or we are farting in the wind. LOL is that a saying? Should be normal kinda 2 - 3 weeks out sounds right.

Well 8 months and three days and the are rotted to the core. I did not change a damn thing except to flush once and two days later the leaves starting getting crispy and one day after that both plants started to turn brownish grey and the next day the both plants top to bottom gone. The once hard flowers and not whispy and stink.