Leaves suddenly bleaching

I’m hoping my PA will be big enough at some point that I can run my own book for a living. For now, I’m stuck working for an institutional asset manager. And unfortunately, the compliance department limits how aggressive my trading activity can be.

I’ve always been a pretty active trader. I took up futures trading when I retired in 2013. I did an MBA and wrote my thesis on technical analysis back in 2000. I though I was smart back then. lol. I was far from smart. I blew out 2 accounts before I got things turned around.

Look for improvement in new growth. The affected leaves may recover somewhat. More than likely not completely.

I just did another flush at 6.0 PH, and the runoff came out Lower at 5.9. No improvement in the plants that I can tell from just looking at them. You guys figure I can start feeding them again? They gotta be hungry for some nutrients.