Leaves suddenly bleaching

2 weeks into flower, my plants suddenly started bleaching out. It happened very fast and quickly got worse after a feeding two days ago. Makes me think its an excess rather than a deficiency. Check out the attached pics.

Growing in Coco. Using AN Sensi Coco fert.

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Do this.

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-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
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Do a google search on iron deficiency.

That’s it, my friend.

With @MidwestGuy or possibly she’s getting a sun burn?? How close and the intensity of your light :love_you_gesture:

If it is iron deficiency this should not be happening with AN pH Perfect sensi coco. Have you checked runoff pH? AN says it guarantees pH for a week. What happens week 8 or 9 and 10?
Given the bleaching is emanating from the stem of the leaf and is occurring on new growth, I think it is likely Iron. It is also likely due to the coco’s pH being too high. A good flush and reset should take care of it.

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Thats what i think aswell its iron def for sure but that could be caused by a ph imbalance either in ur soil or ur nutrients i would get ur ph of ur soil and water and once u have the results go from there


An overly high pH could result in a lock out of iron, but you would see symptoms of deficiencies of other micronutrients as well (manganese, boron, copper, and zinc.)

Are you using both Part A and Part B? I’m not sure what component of the AN Coco product contains iron.

What is your runoff pH?


Iron is what it looks like to me also, I just found it hard to believe given the nutes that I’m using and the fact that I check PH at every watering. So i thought perhaps excess phosphorus. I ran 5 gallons of water through each plant last night.

I doubt its light burn. My LEDs are over a foot away, and I have them at 75% power as cranking them up in the past has sometimes seemed to stunt growth.

Does that include runoff?
It is understandable to believe it isn’t absolutely necessary. I use Jack’s and coco and many of its users do not think it is necessary. And, AN users, especially of pH perfect lines, say runoff pH testing is unnecessary. Both may be true but I think it is very dependent on the water being used. Many of the elements and minerals we add like silica, calcium and magnesium are alkaline. Over time these may increase the medium’s pH.
As I said, I use jacks and coco. The pH in two recent plants that were a couple weeks into flower had increased to 6.6 - 6.8. No wonder these plants were unhappy. I flushed both plants and got them back on track.

Did you check runoff pH & ppm? Would be a source of good information going forward.


@StockJock are you a trader?

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or possibly Sulpher:

In case you can’t read what it says under the Iron pic:

Iron (chemical symbol ‘Fe’) is a semi-mobile macro nutrient. It is necessary in the use of nitrates (Nitrogen containing) and sulphates (Sulphur containing) compounds. Iron is also required for the production of chlorophyll. Iron deficiencies can occur if pH is out of range. It can also be caused by excess Zinc, Manganese or Copper. All of these can interfere with Iron uptake. Iron is an important mineral for processes involved in general metabolic and energy-forming processes.

So reading @MidwestGuy ph lockout chart, iron and phosphorus are on opposite sides of the lockout chart, so a simple ph runoff reading like @beardless suggested is a good indicator of which? His thoughts on alkalinity are interesting. Would that mean it’s just a buildup over numerous feeding/waterings and a plain flush gets you back to ground zero?

Yes That is what I am thinking. I have no other plausible explanation as to how my coco can go from 5.8 - 6.0 when I start and go to 6.8 a couple weeks into flower when everything I put in it is pH’d to 5.8 or 5.9. My water is high in calcium and magnesium which add to it. Possibly using RO or demineralized water would mitigate or eliminate the rise in pH.


@beardless appreciate the deeper explanation. I follow your thread and your teaching dude.


Thanks. I am not saying I am right but it appears to be the case for me and my water at least.
Also about Phosphorous and Iron uptake. Some charts show more overlap and a broader range than other pH uptake charts. Or, the charts are just different. for example
this growweedeasy chart shows Fe uptake through 7.25

while kootmed’s range is much lower

Likewise the range fro P is also quite different. I tend to rely on Kootmed’s - at least in coco.

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I’ve never checked the runoff as I’ve never had an issue prior to this. You’re correct, i should have checked the runoff this time after running 5.9PH through my plants.

How long post flushing should I see an improvement?

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