Leaves started getting light green


A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a beginner and I’m three weeks into my first grow. Leaves were dark green but top leaves started getting light green. Is this normal or is she coming down with something? T


You are in the Seedling stage of growth and what you described is normal - nutrients you are going to use?


If your plant is healthy and the new growth is getting light green; You need to look at 1 of 2 things. Maybe 3. It is all a guess since you provided little detail about your grow methods.

  1. Light is too close to top of plant

  2. Plant need a little bit stronger fertilizer solution

  3. Over watering, and, or light issue mentioned above.

It could be many things. If you help us by giving a few more details in regards to what you are doing…We would be glad to guide you. Peace, lw


Hey guys I’m using a grow box and I know its not the ideal growing environment but its my only option at the moment. This is my first time growing and I’m using DWC and only using iguana juice nutrients. The seeds are AK -47 autos. I keep Ph around 5.5 but plants are yellowing bad! I’m about 5 weeks since seedlings and they are looking sad. Should I be using different nutrients? Keep in mind I’m 100% new at this. I gotta start somewhere though so any advice is always appreciated. Thanks for time everyone! One love!