Leaves shrivelling

My plant had been in flowering stage for about 3 weeks now but it seems like theres a problem and i cant seem to get what it is. The plant has been properly watered for 3 days now and getting enough sunlight but the leaves still look off! It seems to only affect the leaves at thhe top 15649274965583497167161444539778|375x500


One pics shows skinny spindly plants…lack of strong light and lack of nutes.


Thank you

Ive actually been battling with that, I’ve gotten all the proper fertilizers but it just wont get bigger, i fear it might not be a strain thats been properly inbred cause its seeming a lot like a ruderalis

And im using sunlight, growing outdoor in Nigeria, im pretty sure the sun is as strong as it can get

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They don’t look too bad to me as far as the leaves.
How many hours of direct sun do they get a day?
Where they aren’t in the shade?

What nutrients are you using to feed them?
Did you amend the soil (manure, oyster shells, neem meal etc etc) when planting or use bagged potting soil or put straight in the local soil?

Was the seed from a seed bank or bag seed?

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I agree with @skydiver Leafs don’t look too bad to me look like she is just starting to flower.

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They get atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight 9am-3pm, i dont really use nutes anymore as it started flowering a while ago, i amended it 2months ago using powdered eggshells.

The seed (happy face) was gotten from the bud i smoked.

She actually is though.

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I don’t think you have a leaf problem keep taking care of her definitely looks to be santiva dominant long skinny leaves
good luck finishing up.

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Several factors determine the health and size of plant.
Container size…if container is too small----it gets root bound and growth slows.
Drainage…if no drain holes----water pools in the bottom of container and rots the roots.

You are in Nigeria…so should be getting plenty of sunlight from 9am to 3pm. Genetics should be ideal for your climate. Sativa is famous for being tall, spindly and widely spaced branches.
Soil is best if it’s fluffy and easy for roots to grow. Hard dry soil makes it very hard on root growth. Containers should be at least 5 gallon(20+liter) …with drain holes.
Since nutes maybe hard for you to find, suggest you research “Kind Soil”.
Kind Soil has all the plant needs except water. It’s full of natural healthy food for plants.

Best Wishes for your harvest.


Thank you😁

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Thank you. I will check it out.

I would not toss out the left overs that were strained off but would work them into the top soil a couple inches down.
Will give her potassium etc

During flower they will want more Phosphorus and Potassium and less Nitrogen
Many natural options that we can eat and then repurpose for fertilizer Win/Win
Hope this helps


Wow that’s something i didnt know, thank you🤗

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Here is another good article using things you might have around the house.

Google search things you use daily / weekly or could buy to eat and see if there are uses for feeding plants with waste / scraps. Maybe something you use that you can feed to the lady to help with flowering.



Are you still active on this forum?

Technically yea, might not interact much until the next grow season

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Ok awesome. I’m a first time grower in Lagos.