Leaves rotting - what's going on?

hey guys hopefully someone can help me out here. My plant was looking great a week or so ago and now some of the leaves are rotting away and it seems like it’s getting worse every day.

I wish I knew what was going on, I’m in week 3 of veg and just switched over to 12/12 but it started happening right before the light switch. I know it’s not a nutrient deficiency because I’m in Ocean Forest and I even fed yesterday but it got even worse after I fed…my pH is fine too so I really don’t know what’s happening.

Anyone have any ideas? Please help I’m afraid she’s gonna die :frowning:

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All of the leaves that are changing appear to old growth low on the plant. This is normal…you may have some nutrient or pH issue but it does not look like it to me.

@dbrn32 or @Covertgrower may be able shed additional light on the topic.


I agree with Merlin it looks like nutrients just migrating from the bottom up to the top where the lights are. It all looks normal you can remove them.


What is the ph in and out? Other than appearing to be wet, top of plants (newer growth) looks alright.

Thinking like this could be dangerous. Organic soil grow isn’t the same as something like a hydroponic grow in that you can and fix issues pretty much immediately. In soil, issue has likely been compounding for week or two before you see it. Once properly diagnosed and adjustment is made, it will probably take a week or two before plant has actually responded.


Thanks so much guys. I feel better now. It’s mostly the biggest leaves that are dying for some reason - the ph of my 2nd to last watering was 6.3 but noticed plant looked a bit like a phosphorus deficiency so I bumped it up to 6.9 in the last watering, and had nutes as well.

Also thank you @dbrn32 - I did not know that soil requires more patience like that. I will remove the leaves that are dying, and hope for the best for the next few weeks.

Do you think it’s a good idea to keep feeding flowering nutes every other watering at 1/4 strength?

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In my experience 6.9 is too high. I’ve always had best luck between 6 and 6.5. Your leaves didn’t get that from one watering though. Have you checked ph of runoff?

Checking runoff ppm would also help determine when and how much to feed.


The ppm of my runoff is about 450. The pH is about 5.8 if I remember correctly.

I tested the runoff ppm a couple weeks before that and it was around 1900, so I figured if it went from 1900 to 450 the soil was probably running out of nutes and I had to feed. Which I did.

Ya, 450 is low. If you don’t know for sure i would check next feeding. As long as your feedings cover all required nutrients you can usually see everything you need to know checking them both in vs out.


Thanks - just so I know, what is the proper runoff PPM I should be seeing each time? Should I refer to Fox Farms feeding chart since I’m using the trio? @dbrn32

That depends on how much you put in. If you feed to good amount of runoff, it should be what you put through plus whatever is residual in your media. A number significantly higher than what you put in means you are feeding more than need be.

You can go by their chart of you want, but then you have to make sure to follow all instructions closely.


Got it, thank you sir!

Based on your setup I’m guessing that when you water you don’t get that much run-off. Because I see signs of a over-fert of nitrogen with your leaf tops curled down and your plant being very dark, I’m assuming you created a lockout which is causing your plant to strip nutrients from those lower leaves to maintain its health. Fox farm OF is hot soil and using nutes on top of that with a young plant while not watering heavy enough to push out build-ups I think created this issue.

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After doing some research and testing some more stuff…you might be right.

I did a regular watering yesterday with tap water (left out for 24 hrs) with a ppm of 60. I tested the runoff after watering and…it’s at 300 ppm. From what I heard if your runoff ppm is higher like that you have a salt/mineral build up.

Because of this difference, is it a good idea to feed still? Or should I just keep watering regularly. I gave it more water than usual while watering yesterday so I got more runoff than usual. @dbrn32 do you have any advice on this?

Pic of her taken today.

That plant appears to be extremely happy with everything. Its color is spot on, lush and vibrant. I’d be topping that chic and rolling on as you are.

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I think they look great. 300 ppm is pretty low though. You have to consider the small amount you put in and the small amount you got out. If you put 1000 ppm in would likely have gotten around 1300 ppm out, and that’s not all that bad.


Thanks bro! So I’ll feed next watering. I was just worried because they said you shouldn’t feed if the runoff ppm is higher than the solution ppm but I think I’ll just feed 1/2 strength fox farms trio since they handled 1/4 strength just fine.

Also @Okie70 thanks man, I actually already topped it which is why you see a few tops, but I just kicked it into flowering so I don’t think I’m gonna top again.

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