Leaves r curling help

Anyone know why my leaves r curled inwards

Could be over-watering, under watering or could be too strong nutes, have you done any of those things recently?

If it’s nutes you might want to consider a flush

PH can do that too

We need some pic’s there is no way anyone can say…


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And a little back ground info also would be nice …soil, hydro . type of nutes .temps .grow environment indoor or out etc. .:wink: Hammer

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As well as age that can help, but I agree pictures with more background info should be able to help its help you

OK here’s picture growing in soil

The plant looks good overall other than the curling. I would say most likely under-watering. Just make sure that you are giving your plants the correct amount of water. Too much or too little could cause your plants problems that will begin to look like N deficiency. In this last picture it just simply looks like a watering issue. I agree with the background info. It definitely helps with the diagnosis. Thanks for the pics. Definitely helps.

Just figure out a watering schedule based on plant needs and you’ll be fine. Happy Growing!.

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…agree, looks like over or under watering

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One more crumb to the cookie jar, but i agree with Paranorman and sativa stone ,but again need more info please …It also resembles high temps . but with out more detailed info it’s just guessing . Hammer

@Hammer I agree but with heat stress they fold up not down and it’s only the edges until severly damaged :smile: happy growings brother.

It’s good to see you back around

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